Your Solution In Porous Metal Filters

Sintered metal filters are filters that have undergone a sintering process. Sintering is a metallurgical process of filters with different powder and alloy powder forms. The metallurgical process occurs by diffusion at a temperature below the melting point.

What are metal filters used for?

In many industrial liquid and gas filtration applications, filtration technology utilizing sintered metal media provides excellent performance for separating particulate matter from liquid or gas process streams (i.e., liquid/solid and gas/solid separation).

How are metal filters manufactured?

To manufacture a sintered filter, metal powders are pressed in a custom mold at sufficient pressure to allow the powder particles to adhere to their contact points with sufficient strength to handle the molded part after it is ejected from the mold.

Is sintered metal porous?

Sintered cartridges are made of stainless steel, bronze, nickel-based alloys, titanium and special alloy powders or stainless steel fiber mats... Sintering gives the highly porous material the shape stability and properties of a robust metal composition. The compacted part is sintered in a specially designed furnace.