• Mould Steel Material in China

  • Mould Steel Material in China

Porous Mould Steel Material

Porous mold steel is a kind of mold steel with exhaust function launched by Jintai Company for plastic molds, injection molding machines, die-casting machines and other application fields. There are a large number of three-dimensional interconnected holes randomly distributed inside the porous mold steel, so the mold steel has good air permeability, which can ensure that there is no residual gas in the product, reduce internal defects, and can reduce the injection pressure, reduce the cycle time,and the weight of the mold can also be reduced. Porous mold steel can improve product quality and save energy, so it has broad application prospects.


Good exhaust performance

The aperture size can be selected

The shape and structure can be customized

Accurate mold size

Higher hardness

Injection mold steel

Transmission shaft cooling and exhaust

Typical Application