• Biomedical industry

    Biomedical industry

    Filtration, separation and aeration processes are widely used in the field of biomedicine, and they are also very important. The porous metal filter element produced by Jintai uses GMP approved materials, such as pure titanium, which is safe, clean, and light in weight.
  • Water treatment industry

    Water treatment industry

    Porous metal materials usually have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, and cleanability. Therefore, in the water treatment industry, the service life of porous metal materials is longer than that of polymers and rubber products.
  • Chemical industry

    Chemical industry

    Porous metal materials are the most widely used in the chemical industry. The complex and harsh working conditions make porous metal materials the only choice in processes such as filtration, separation, and catalysis. JinTai's porous metal materials have a wide range of options.
  • Food and beverage industry

    Food and beverage industry

    In the processing of food and beverages, food-grade porous metal filter elements can be used to remove impurities in the product, which can ensure the manufacture of high-quality products. Porous metal spargers can be used in beverage production process, such as carbonation, oxidation and other gas aeration.