Chemical industry

Porous metal materials are the most widely used in the chemical industry. The complex and harsh working conditions make porous metal materials the only choice in processes such as filtration, separation, and catalysis. JinTai's porous metal materials have a wide range of options. In addition to the conventional 316L and other stainless steel materials, pure titanium can be selected in the chloride ion salt solution conditions, and INCONEL600, HASTELLOY X, etc. can be selected for high-temperature conditions. For strong corrosion conditions, 904L, HASTELLOY C22 C276 B2, MONEL, etc. can be selected.

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Chemical industry

Typical application:

● Crystal and catalyst filtration and separation

● Sediment removal in petroleum extraction

● Oil-wax separation in petroleum refining

● High temperature liquid and gas filtration

● Corrosive liquid and gas filtration

● Inflation in the reactor

● Exhaust gas and waste gas treatment

Chemical industry