• Anti-Blocking Sparger in China

  • Anti-Blocking Sparger in China

Anti-Blocking Sparger

The anti-blocking sparger is a kind of aeration product developed and designed for anti-blocking, anti-scaling, oil stain resistance, high temperature resistance, suitable for high viscosity liquid, low air pressure, and large flow aeration. It uses high-quality 316L stainless steel as raw material. , This anti-blocking sparger is a patented product of our company.

No.ModelGasOutlet (mm)Height (mm)Open OD(mm)Connection (mm)Aeration Area(㎡)
(water depth above 4 meters)
O2utilization ratio
1JTBQF-200200×20030625G 1''1.4418-25%

Aeration flow diagram of stainless steel anti-blocking sparger (test in water)

Anti-blocking sparger

Typical Application