• Tube Shape Spargers in China

  • Tube Shape Spargers in China

Tube Shape Spargers

The product is welded by titanium sintered filter element, dense titanium disc, and dense titanium connection. The titanium microporous sintered filter element is sintered with high-purity titanium powder. The product sizes are diverse and the connection forms are rich. The tube shape spargers need to be arranged horizontally in order to increase the air outlet area.


The pore size is uniform and small, the distribution range is narrow, and the bubbles generated are small;

High porosity and high aeration efficiency;

High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent oxidation resistance;

No particles fall off and will not cause secondary pollution to the original liquid;

Fully welded connection, no air leakage.

Tube shape spargers


No.ModelTube OD(mm)Tube length(mm)ConnectionAerationArea(㎡)
(water depth above 4 meters)
O2 utilizationRatio
2JT-DCTф60-12060-750G1/2''-G 1''0.5-330-40%
3JT-DCSф60-150250-1000G1/2''-G 1''0.5-430-40%

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