• Porous Metal Spargers Rings in China

Porous Metal Spargers Rings

The product is made of arc-shaped stainless steel sintered filter element, quick-fitting connection or flange connection. The arc-shaped stainless steel microporous sintered filter element is sintered with high-quality 316L stainless steel powder, and the quick-fitting interface or flange is made of dense stainless steel.

No.ModelOD of Sparger Ring (mm)OD of Arc-shapedtube (mm)ConnectionAeration Area(㎡)
(water depth above 4 meters)
O2 utilization ratio
1JTBQHф1800-2500Φ30-50Flange or quick connection7-1230-40%

Sparger ring

Typical Application

Ozone sterilization and aeration of purified water and mineral water;

Aeration of industrial waste water;

Aeration in aeration tank for domestic sewage treatment;

Aeration in high temperature environment.

Aeration in fermentation tanks and reactors;

Gas stirring;

Sparger ring

Typical Application