Benefits of Sintered Porous Metal Filter Element

November 15, 2023

The advantages of having a sintered porous metal filter element are just enormous. I can assure you that you stand to gain a lot by using these filters on your application. Among the various benefits that you can gain include the following.


Sintered Porous Metal Filter Element

Sintered Porous Metal Filter Element

Better filtration

When filtering, you want to get the best out of your filtration which involves removing all the contaminants that are present in your fluid.

You can achieve this by using a sintered porous metal filter element for your filtration.

A sintered porous metal filter element offers quality filtration for your fluid with the results being fluid that is free of contaminants.

By adjusting the porosity of the filter element depending on the fluid means that you can achieve the perfect filtration that you want.

Since there will be no corrosion of your filter, no contaminants will be present in your fluid as a result of the reaction of the filter.


Corrosion resistance

What a sintered porous metal filter element offers for your application is a corrosion-free filter that will provide you with quality service.

Various reactions take place in your filter.

These reactions can either be chemical, mechanical, or physical reactions.

Such reactions can hurt the condition of your filter as well as the fluid that you are filtering.

However, by using a sintered porous metal filter element, you are sure that there will be no corrosion of the filter.

Also, you can be sure of the fluid that you are filtering won’t be affected by the filter element.


Sintered Porous Metal Filter Element

Sintered Porous Metal Filter Element

Reasonable pressure drop

If there is one aspect of your filtration that you need to ensure that is constant is the pressure of your fluid in your application.

That is precisely what a sintered metal filter offer.

A sintered metal filter can maintain the pressure of your fluid within your application thus ensuring maximum operation.

A slight drop in pressure might hurt your application.

For instance, you may not be able to achieve the filtration that you want to due to there not being the relevant force to filter your fluid.

Also, drop-in pressure results in a drop in the fluid requirement of your application.

You will, therefore, find that your application may not get the fluid that it needs for your filtration.


High thermal shock

The advantage of a sintered porous metal filter element is that it has a high thermal shock.

This is mainly an advantage when you are dealing with applications that have a high thermal shock.

During the manufacturing process bonding of various metals happens while maintaining the physical properties of the metals.

It is these physical characteristics of these metals that aid in absorbing the high thermal shock of your filter.

You can, therefore, use these filters in a wide range of applications depending on the thermal range of your application.

High thermal shock also ensures that you can filter your fluid efficiently without having to worry about the thermal heat of the application.


Temperature and pressure resistance

You can easily maintain the temperature and pressure resistance of the individual metals.

This is because you can mix different metals by bonding without necessarily having to melt the metals.

The advantage of this is that the resulting sintered porous metal filter element has a high temperature and pressure resistance.

You can, therefore, use this filter in applications that have a higher temperature and pressure without having to worry about your filter element.

Among applications that have a higher temperature and pressure resistance include chemical reaction and gas treatment plants.

The use of sintered metal filters in such applications ensures that you obtain the best results for your filtration.

Sintered Porous Metal Filter Element

Sintered Porous Metal Filter Element

Advantage of sintered mesh filter cartridges comparing to wire mesh filter

Comparing to non-metallic and ordinary wire mesh filter cartridges, sintered metal mesh filter cartridge is superior  in:

ㆍfixed and stable pore size under high temperature and pressure

ㆍsuitable for temperature applications higher than 300 degree Celsius

ㆍwashable and reusable

ㆍall welded structure, no risk of failure of spot welding or adhesive

ㆍself-support, easy to form cartridge

As the mechanism of the sintered wire mesh is stop and restrain the impurities in the working fluid, there are chances that the impurities accumulated and form the filter cake. The filter cake can increase the filtering accuracy at certain degree before the cake is cleaned or removed by backwashing or offline cleaning.

Sintered metal mesh filter cartridge is suitable for applications of micron level filtration and separation. Such as particle candle filter for chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, petrochemical; strainer for food & beverage, fuel, hydraulic.

Why sintered filters?

We spoke ad nauseam about the application of sintered filters but why sintered filters are used in the above-mentioned industries, instead of any other type of filter? There are a few vital reasons why people from such industries trusted a sintered product over all else.

  • The porosity of sintered filter dictates the outward or inward flow of liquid or gas. The controlled flow of filtering material can be managed without the help of a pressure gauge.

  • Sintered filters and high-pressure situations go hand in hand. When applied in a pressure-rich environment, most other filter material tends to fail. You cannot use plastic or paper when the psi is extremely high. That is why sintered filters are trusted.

  • It can operate in a high-temperature environment. A sintered filter steel mesh can resist the heat of up to 480°C. If the material or the alloy is changed, the heat resistance also sees changes, which is not possible in any other type of filter.


Know about Jintai

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